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What Our Electricians in Toronto Can Do for You

May 23, 2018

Our electricians in Toronto provide a variety of services to buildings and lots, both commercial and industrial. From thermal scanning and imaging, to electrical maintenance and rewiring, no job is too big or small for our electricians in Toronto.


Below is a list of a few things that our electricians in Toronto can do for you and your building.


Thermal Scanning and Imaging

Using high-tech infrared scanners, we detect issues with your wiring through your walls. Instead of tearing walls down, this allows for a non-destructive method of detection that saves you loads of time and money. Unless there’s a serious problem with your wiring in your walls, thermal scanning and imaging keeps your building intact.



Performing a full lighting audit and assessment of your electrical infrastructure can help you save money on your hydro bills! By identifying and detecting any critical issues with your current electrical supply and internal wiring, or sources of any bleed or hazardous zones within the grid, we’ll let you know everything about your electrical systems and what you can do about them.



Many lighting systems over the past few decades are becoming obsolete. Countless companies are phasing out their outdated lighting systems and replacing them with cleaner, better, and cheaper alternatives to their older lighting systems.

For example, fluorescent lightbulbs – while very commonplace – burn out way too easily and can be very dangerous to you and your inhabitants. Retrofits refer to the replacement of outdated lighting systems with the better alternative. So instead of using outdated fluorescent lightbulbs, we’ll install our modern LED lamps!


Electrical Maintenance

Maintenance – for anything, really – is vital to the continued operation of whatever is being maintained. Regular preventative electrical maintenance ensures that your systems are always running at optimal levels. Electrical maintenance ensures that systems last longer, run more efficiently, and reduces the risk of electrical failure! Electrical maintenance is arguably one of the most important things our electricians in Toronto can do for you!



When a wrong wire is used in a specific application, a rewire is needed to prevent the risks of fires, shorts, and a bunch of other problems. The act of replacing and installing electrical wire is a very complicated process. However, our electricians in Toronto are prepared with the right tools and expertise to see each and every job through.


At A.S. Electrical, we undertake projects of different sizes. Your building can be a small store, a mall, or a home – we tackle whatever project with the same amount of skill and professionalism. Our electricians in Toronto are prepared to give you the absolute best service of all things electrical, so give us a call today!