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What Kind of Work Electricians in Toronto Must Be Ready For

April 30, 2018

Like the multicultural capital it is, Toronto also offers a similar diversity in its architecture and cityscape. 100-year-old houses jostle for space with 100-floor skyscrapers – and then there’s everything in between.


The demands on an electrician in Toronto are, suitably, myriad.


While any electrician in Toronto would love to work on the electrical system in a new building, it is the older buildings that require the most attention, and the most care.


Renovations may bring a house or tenement up to snuff when it comes to aesthetics, but electrical systems can often end up the poorer cousin in such projects. Electricians in Toronto are therefore expected to perform maintenance, refurbishment and overhaul of dated electrical systems on a regular basis.


General home electrical also includes installing light fixtures, electrical equipment and more. Increasingly, with digital homes, network wiring, home automation and electrical motors have become a much more commonly requested job-type. Updating ‘dumb’ light switches, fans and plug points with ‘smart’ connected devices is all the rage. One wonders if an electrician in Toronto will soon be required to have a computer science degree too.


An electrician in Toronto working with industrial clients will face different demands than those working in the residential sector.


Managing and maintaining industrial equipment requires a careful understand of its electrical requirements. Often, and unlike residential appliances which are tolerant of electrical differences, the operation of industrial equipment at its expected performance is more sensitive to the electrical input. An electrician in Toronto working in a factory or facility will need to manage wiring on a larger scale and will have to be mindful of the heavy loads on the framework energy-hungry machinery can place.


An electrician in Toronto must have the skills and knowledge to read and understand technical diagrams and blueprints; inspect and maintain circuit breakers; understand the technical requirements of a variety of consumer and industrial appliances; be deft with hand tools; know the national and provincial code applicable to the field; and be certified under the incumbent certification regime.


Perhaps most of all, an electrician in Toronto must be able to adapt to the changing needs of industry and the homeowner. A constant learning comes with the job. Experienced electricians can rely on know-how, but the best electrician in Toronto will always be prepared for new challenges.


Since the safety of the client and the electrician in Toronto is paramount, it is essential that electricians be trained adequately. It is why the ESA prescribes a tough set of rules for an electrician in Toronto to be licensed.


And it is why A.S. Electrical has been a trusted provider of licensed electricians in Toronto over 10 years. We are relied on by clients from the commercial, industrial and residential sector for projects large and small.