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What is the Difference between a Home Steam Room and Sauna?

May 25, 2021

Spending some time in a heated room can be a source of relaxation after a busy and hectic day. If possible, it is recommended to use a home steam room or sauna two or three times on a weekly basis, in order to gain the natural benefits of heat therapy. The main difference between both options is the form of heat distribution. Depending on personal preference, a living space can feature the dry environment of a sauna or the moist air that comes with a steam room.


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In a traditional sauna, the stack of rocks is warmed by a heater, and dry heat is distributed throughout the space as a result. Water can be poured over these rocks, which creates steam, but the sauna will not reach the same humidity level as a steam room. Through a vent at floor-level, saunas also bring in fresh air. On the other hand, a steam room is sometimes referred to as a steam shower, and a standard showerhead can exist along with a steam outlet. This type of set-up will use an external generator to boil water into steam, releasing it through the outlet within the space. Steam rooms have a watertight construction, allowing the full experience of moist heat.




Regarding design and construction, there are differences in place for a sauna and steam room. With the higher temperature and lower humidity of the first, wood is a good choice for each part of the room. To fit the requirements of the second, non-porous materials like tile, plastic, or glass are opted for.


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