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Video: Save Long-Term Energy Costs With a Lighting Retrofit

March 14, 2018


When it comes to industrial or commercial buildings, the expenses come from everywhere. As a result, building owners and managers tend to be constantly searching for ways to cut down on operating costs. The lighting retrofit is quickly becoming a popular avenue for cutting down on energy costs and improving the general power efficiency of a building. AS Electrical can help you inspect and upgrade your lighting and electrical systems to modern standards, with certified technicians.


Save on energy costs – LED light bulbs can offer a reduction in your wattage of up to 80%, and a much longer lifespan. General quality of operations will also increase, giving more comfort and general usability of machinery for your staff. Aging electrics and equipment are also prone to common safety hazards. Up-to-date systems are far less likely to cause accidents or damage to the building. Call AS Electrical to learn more today!