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Understanding Radiant Heating

October 22, 2019

Many property owners are seeking electrical services for the installation of radiant heating systems in their homes. Radiant heating systems are an attractive option for their ability to effectively and sustainably warm the interior of homes through installation in-wall and/or in-floor.


What is radiant heating?


Radiant heating relies on the natural circulation of warm air in a room, as the floor-warmed air rises. The effect is what is known as radiant heat transfer – the passage of heat from a hot surface to the room via infrared radiation. The effect is similar that of feeling the warmth from a hot stovetop element while in the same room.



What are the benefits of radiant heating?


There are a number of benefits associated to the installation of radiant heating flooring and panel systems.

  • More Efficient: radiant heating is more efficient than baseboard heating and generally more efficient than forced air heating as it removes any instance of duct losses.
  • Better for Allergies: people who experience allergies tend to prefer radiant heating systems as they do not distribute allergens as conventional forced air systems tend to do.
  • Off-Grid Solution: hydronic-based (liquid-based) radiant heating systems require little electricity, which makes it an attractive solution for those who live off-grid or for those looking to cut down on their energy bill in the long-term.



Are there different types of radiant floor heating?


When opting for radiant floor heating electrical services, you’ll likely choose between three main types of radiant floor heating: air-heated, electric, and hydronic (liquid) heating systems. These three types can be further categorized in accordance to installation style: wet installations, sandwich-style installation, and dry installations.



Are there different types of in-wall radiant floor heating systems?


Unlike the variety of radiant floor heating solutions available, a more singular solution is recognized as more widely available. In-wall or panel solutions are generally composed of aluminum and are heated using electricity or hot-water holding tubing. In-wall radiant heating panels operate in what is known as a “line-of-sight” basis – where you’ll be more comfortable the closer you are to the installed panels.



Searching for radiant floor heating installation electrical services?


A.S. Electrical offers the experience and knowledge needed to install, maintain, and repair floor heating systems for various types of flooring. If you’re interested in learning more about our radiant heating floor services, feel free to give us a call today! We’d be happy to help.