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Two Primary Options For Heated Ramps

January 19, 2021

In regions where snow can be an inconvenience, heated ramps are a great solution. They are installed in many ways in which heating cables are specifically made for outdoor ice and snow melting systems. There are two major ways to integrate these systems into your own home’s entryway.


Heated Mats

Heated ramps that use mats to melt the ice and snow are fitted into a solid base. They can be integrated under concrete, block paving, and other types of pavement to make the heated wheel tracks and walkways. These mats can be connected to the base using a nail gun together with strips prior to covering them over. Alternatively, they can also be fitted under a layer of sand in the case of block paving. The greatest advantage of this heating system is the reduced amount of installation time since they are made with correct and fitted spacing. 


Heated Cables

Just like heated ramps fitted with mats, cables can also be used and are connected into a wire mesh. They can also be fitted under concrete or tarmac as well as block pavement. The wire mesh is then connected to a solid base also using a nail gun and cables. They’re then secured to the wire mesh through cable ties. In the case of a sand base, the mesh would be secured using steel pegs. The greatest benefit of this system is its flexibility and cost-effectiveness when chosen for a bigger area of the ramp. 


Another option for heated cables is using them directly fitted onto a concrete construction. They can be fixed to the reinforcement bars and secured with plastic cable-ties prior to completing the concrete ramp or driveway. These cables offer minimal movement when installing them and can be fully secured when tied well together. The only concern is that they must be covered with at least 50 mm of concrete to be secured. Once this is achieved, you’ll be left with long lasting results at your home. 


If you’re looking to renovate your home and prepare for the winter seasons, A.S. Electrical has many options to take your ramps and driveways to the next level. Contact us today to learn about our full range of services!