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Thermal Imaging and Preventative Maintenance

July 30, 2019

When it comes to figuring out the operational effectiveness of your electrical system, a useful application used in the process of diagnosing the degree of maintenance required is known as thermal imaging. Electrical contractors in Toronto use thermal imaging as a diagnostic tool for detecting system anomalies that are seemingly invisible to the naked eye.


Today we’ll discuss the ways in which thermal imaging is used by electrical contractors in Toronto as a diagnostic tool in finding issues within electrical systems.



A Brief History on Thermal Imaging Cameras


Infrared light was first discovered by the German-born astronomer William Herschel, who used the rays primarily for thermal measurement. Over a century later in 1929, the Hungarian-born physicist Kálmán Tihanyi invented the first thermographic camera as a technology use for the British anti-aircraft defense subsequently after World War I. 30 years later, FLIR Systems (Forward Looking Infrared) released the first commercial thermal imaging camera used for electrical applications, as a way to safely inspect high voltage power lines.



How does Thermal Imaging Work?


Thermal imaging and video are also known as infrared thermography are used to detect radiation in the longer wavelength of visible light – known as infrared radiation. Once infrared is detected it translated to an image produced of the radiation, otherwise known as a thermogram.



What are the Benefits of Using Thermal Imaging in Electrical Systems?


  • Makes invisible electrical system issues, visible
  • Reliable, non-contact instrument allows for electricians to safely diagnose electrical system issues
  • More cost-effective when used for preventative maintenance applications; avoid costly production breakdowns and even electrical fire



How is Thermal Imaging Used in Electrical Systems?


Abnormal heating paired with increased resistance and current flow can lead to significant issues in electrical systems. Preventative maintenance is one way to effectively diagnose the issue through thermal imaging, in which electrical contractors in Toronto are able to see view the otherwise invisible thermal signatures that indicate potential damage. The more damage prone areas will release a larger amount of heat and therefore a larger heat signature, which has a tendency to be more wasteful and damaging.