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The Signs Your House Requires an Electric Panel Upgrade

September 06, 2019

The electrical panel in your home acts as the hub system that is responsible for distributing electrical current throughout your house. This concept is important when evaluating the safety of not only your property, but also the people that reside within them.


It is not uncommon for older electrical panels to display a range of electrical issues, as well as demonstrating inconsistent performance as they continue to age.



To avoid catastrophic situations from happening inside your home, we wholly recommend having these issues rectified and addressed immediately.


Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you should be considering electric panel upgrades in your place of residency:


A Fuse-Based System

Homes with outdated installations typically have fuse-based electrical systems. We advise caution against these as fuses do not trip like circuit breakers, making them more of a hazard. We strongly suggest you consider the options available to you if your home is still reliant upon a fuse-based electrical system, as an electrical panel upgrade with circuit breakers will work out in your best interest.


Non-Resettable Breakers

Breakers that are incapable of restoring power or being reset can be problematic and can be symptomatic of an overloaded or short circuit. We recommend you get in touch with a licensed electrician, such as those found at A.S. Electrical, to consult over electric panel upgrades.


Defective Wiring

The quality of your wiring is contingent on many factors, from improper installation to inevitable degradation over time, and can lose the fundamental properties it should display through its usage.


Consistently experiencing shocks when touching appliances, burning smells near electrical equipment, or flickering lights can be extremely symptomatic of poor wiring. Get in touch with a licensed electrician immediately to resolve these wiring issues and subsequently upgrading your service panel.


Circuit Breakers Repeatedly Tripping

Circuit breakers are put into place to obstruct the flow of electricity and trip in order to protect the circuit from further damage and overheating. Moreover, breakers are also known to take place if the energy usage in your home surpasses the capacity that your current electric panel is set up for. Discuss the upgrade options available with a licensed electrician to install a model that can operate to its maximal capacity.


Services You Can Rely On

Having fully licensed and qualified electrical contractors - whether it be for industrial, residential, or commercial work – to service your electric panels is of the utmost importance not only for cost-efficiency, but also for your safety.


At A.S. Electrical, we have qualified contractors with decades of experience that can provide electric panel upgrades when you are looking to replace your outdated model – saving you from unnecessary financial and safety burdens.