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The Power Forward Challenge

June 25, 2019


It is likely that in the near future, electricians in Toronto will have to adjust to the new changes geared toward implementing more sustainable initiatives within Canadian utilities.

Several leading Canadian energy organizations and stakeholders are working together to develop Canada’s future electrical distribution system as part of Natural Resource Canada’s Power Forward Challenge.


What is the Power Forward Challenge?


The Power Forward Challenge is a collaborative initiative lead by Canada and the UK to develop state-of-the-art smart grid technologies that are just as clean, flexible, and reliable as they are capable of powering the grid. The ultimate goal for this project is to prioritize tech innovation that is capable of serving customers regardless of size and scope with a consistent source of energy-efficient power.


Why was the Power Forward Challenge Developed?


The concept of this challenge was developed by Natural Resources Canada and the United Kingdom Business, Energy & industrial Strategy organization. The Challenge is one of 5 clean technology initiatives that espoused from the federal government’s Impact Canada effort.

Impact Canada was first announced in Canada’s Budget of 2017, as a nation-wide effort geared toward assisting industries accelerate the implementation of resourceful funding programs to deliver significant results to Canadian citizens.


The Power Forward Model


In order to do this, utilities on a global scale will have to eventually convert from the traditional poles-and-wires companies to “Distribution System Operators”. This model is based on taking existing metering technology investments and control centers and amalgamating data on a shared platform to make more informed decision-making.


Benefits of Adopting the Power Forward Program


The benefit of integrating this model is that it will provide more transparency and improved value to utility stakeholders in Canada and across the globe. Adopting this program will also allow for utilities to better plan for the health and maintenance of their equipment.


How does this Impact Electricians in Toronto?


There is no question that the Power Forward Challenge is exciting in the realm of maximizing energy-efficiency and exploring equally powerful and sustainable utility initiatives. While the exact details as to what those technologies are and how they will be implemented is still unclear, it is important that electricians in Toronto stay informed about prospective changes in the future. It is highly unlikely that wide-spread change initiated by utility stakeholders will occur at the customer level. However, as the technology involves in tandem with the Power Forward Program, it is likely that customers may begin to adopt more sustainable and energy-efficient means of powering their homes.