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The Master Electrician: A Step Above Your Regular Electrician

January 02, 2019


Electricians make themselves incredibly useful by drawing on a diverse skill set to provide a wide range of services for any kind of facility.



Broadly speaking, electricians are responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing electrical systems in residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. They also ensure the safety of an electrical system by installing it according to regulations, and maximize the efficiency of the systems they install through careful planning. While every electrician must have the knowledge and ability to perform their work to a certain standard, different electricians come with varying levels of expertise. There is no higher level in the field than that of master electrician.


To become a master electrician, one must graduate from the positions of apprentice and journeyman. These earlier stages of an electrician’s career require a commitment of four years each, totaling thousands of hours of hands-on training. In addition to understanding wiring and circuitry, the advanced electrician must also be able to adhere to safety regulations, possess project management skills, be able to interpret facility blueprints and supervise the work of apprentices and journeymen.


The benefit of obtaining a master electrician license is the freedom to work without supervision and the ability to own a private business or work as a licensed contractor. Should you hire one of these electricians, you can be sure that they have kept up to date with their electrical knowledge as they must continue their education and renew their license every two years.


The master electricians at A.S. Electrical provide specialty services to meet your specific needs. You may require an electrician with a higher level of expertise for many purposes, including installing and repairing carbon monoxide detectors, retrofitting building lighting systems to reduce your hydro bill and conducting a full assessment of your electrical grid. Need a sauna or steam bath in your facility for your leisure needs? Our electricians have you covered. Trying to make your business office more sustainable? We can help you install solar panels. Contact A.S. Electrical if you are in need of electrical services that require a certain level of mastery.