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The Many Jobs of an Electrician in Toronto

July 04, 2018

An electrician in Toronto works with homes and businesses so that they safely receive the power they need. An electrician installs the wiring to any structure or building, ensuring it meets all safety codes and provides efficiency and safety.


An electrician in Toronto can help maintain this wiring as well as all machinery and electronics so they continue to run smoothly for a long time, ensuring safety and keeping costs down.


At AS Electrical, we work with the highest safety standards and regulations to make sure that homes and buildings safe and clean power to operate efficiently. The electrician you chose can ensure the safety of people and businesses while giving technical advice and ongoing maintenance. ​


There are a lot of specialties offered at AS Electrical, the most common types being:


  • Inside Wireman. This type of electrician installs and maintains electrical wires that go into bigger structures, such as airports, schools, colleges, arenas, factories, municipal buildings, and office buildings​.
  • Outside Lineman. This specialist sets up the cables that run from the power plant grid to houses and buildings. Linemen install and maintain cables on sides of the road and on telephone poles. They have a difficult job which required a lot of experience and qualification.
  • Telecommunications Electrician. This type of electrician in Toronto lays the cable that is necessary for all kinds of communication such as local area network wiring, phones, and computer internet connections.
  • Residential Wireman. This specialist installs the electrical wiring that goes into homes while providing maintainance and upgrade services.


For a professional electrician in Toronto, maintenance means adding new electrical equipment, changing poor and weak wiring and fuse boxes or repairing circuit breakers. The inside wireman deals with more complex maintenance tasks in factories, which may include working on generators, motors, transformers, or assembly line machinery.


Contact AS Electrical today to learn more about our work and how it can ensure safety and decrease energy costs at home and at work. ​