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The Importance of Surge Protection and How it Works

October 09, 2020

Every residential or commercial building should have a surge protector or a transient voltage surge suppressor installed. The main purpose of these devices is to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. It can protect housing appliances and equipment, car chargers and more from power surges. You can get these devices installed through trusted electrical services provided by experienced technicians.


Here are a few things you should know about surge protectors and why you should install one today:


How it works

For any sort of electrical device, the surge protector will assist in limiting the voltage supplied to the device by blocking or minimizing any voltages that are above or exceed a safe threshold. It works by absorbing the excess voltage and safely deflecting it to the wires underground. Oftentimes, electrical surges can be caused when power is suddenly shut off and turned back on or can even be caused by lightning storms.

Where they are installed

With professional electrical services, the surge protection device can be installed in both residential and commercial buildings. For commercial areas, the device is usually installed in process control systems, power distribution panels, communication systems and other heavy duty industrial systems.

For residential buildings, it’s a good idea to have a surge protector device installed to protect household electronics and appliances from shortages. A smaller version of these devices can be installed in the service entrance electrical panels.

Should you get one?

Yes. Everyone should consider getting surge protection to help prevent damages to their devices. We live in a world where electronics are used every day and the possibility of electrical surges are always there. You can rest easy knowing that your expensive appliances and computers are covered.

Which one do you need?

There are a wide range of different surge protectors and their uses vary depending on the application. You should always seek a professional electrician when it comes to your electrical upgrades. Some things an electrician will consider when choosing the right device is the clamping voltage, response time and energy absorption and dissipation.

A.S. Electrical is a trusted provider of electrical services. We install and supply surge protectors for residential, industrial and commercial areas. To ensure you are always protected, install a surge protector today, give us a call!