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The Importance of Outdoor Lighting

June 18, 2020

There are a wide variety of electrical services that reputable electrical companies can perform at your beck and call. Any electrician will be able to handle basic household electrical repairs and upgrades, but it takes experienced companies with superior certifications, knowhow, and access to master electricians to work with more niche problems.


A lot of times, electrical repairs are not just about wires. There is a lot more to it, involving structural integrity, construction, and sometimes even engineering. For instance, A.S. Electrical recently had to respond to an electrical service call where a broken light post was damaged after a vehicle collided into it. Not only was the light post damaged – its concrete base was as well.


As such, repair work called for not only the replacement of the light post but of its concrete base too. Jobs like these showcase the need for good electricians to expand their technical knowledge to include areas beyond just electricity. The diverse skillset of our team is what keeps A.S. Electrical at the top, being the most effective electrical service in Toronto for almost any application.


Light posts fall under the umbrella of outdoor lighting. There are many reasons why a commercial or residential client may want to have outdoor lighting around their building, for both aesthetic and functional reasons.


Here are the top three reasons building owners get outdoor lighting installed:


1. Security:

A well-lit parking lot, driveway, curb, or road is key to minimizing incidents around your building. Not only does it deter crime, it can also help to prevent road accidents.


2. Convenience:

This factor speaks for itself. Imagine pulling up into your driveway at night, exiting your vehicle, and then dropping your keys. You wouldn’t have to worry about finding them if your driveway was well-lit. The presence of outdoor lighting makes everything so much easier.


3. Ambience:

People will not have a good impression of your building if they see it completely shrouded in darkness at night. Outdoor lighting gives the impression that a building is inhabited and well taken care of. Lighting can even be customized to give out more personality and flavor. What’s more, it can add to the curb appeal of your property.


As you can see, outdoor lightning is incredibly important. As such, if it were ever to be damaged, you need to know that you can call on a reliable electrical service to help you repair it as soon as possible. What’s more, you need to be able to know that they can do a holistic job, addressing every aspect of the damage. It is for these reasons that you should make sure you have A.S. Electrical’s contact information on hand!