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The Importance of Maintaining Transformers and Power Distribution Equipment

February 24, 2021

There is one piece of advice that every electrician in Toronto can agree on: it is very important to keep your transformers and power distribution equipment clean. Too often, we at A.S. Electrical encounter situations where a building’s transformer and power distribution equipment have been left neglected, leading to overheating which can cause unscheduled emergency and power loss as well as equipment failure.


Many people have the false perception that they only need to call their electrician in Toronto when something needs to be repaired. The truth is, your electrician can help you with maintenance services that are necessary for your building as well.


Here are some of the things that can be done to help you stay on top of your power system:


1. Electricians can safely and properly clean your equipment and your electrical transformer. If you attempt in-depth and detailed cleaning on your own, you may damage your transformer or putting yourself at risk. It is still important for you to keep an eye on the cleanliness of your transformer and equipment, but leave the heavy-duty cleaning to the professionals.


2. Your transformer needs to be checked for IFT, DDA, flash point, sludge content, acidity, water content, dielectric strength, and how resistant it is to transformer oil. Only qualified electricians have the equipment and knowhow to assess these factors.


3. Insulation resistance will be checked, through processes such as the thermo vision scanning of primary terminals and the top dome of a live current transformer. This is not a process that will be undertaken every time, but rather on a scheduled basis.


4. Other considerations, which are no less important, will be examined as well, such as oil levels, leakages, oil condition, and the integrity of other parts.


As mentioned, failure to keep your transformers and power equipment well maintained can result in severe damages. Make sure you contact your electrician in Toronto today if you need help with maintenance work.