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The Impact of EV Charger Placement on Charging Efficiency

January 25, 2024

An electric vehicle is an excellent alternative to conventional automobiles, offering excellent mileage with less negative impact on the environment. However, relying on the public electric vehicle charging infrastructure can be challenging, as the facilities change drastically based on location. Therefore, it is critical to install an EV charging station in the home for best results. However, where the charging station is placed is equally important to improve the charging efficiency of an EV vehicle. This blog addresses the latter in detail.


Location Of EV Charger

Here are some things to consider to improve the charging efficiency due to optimal EV charger placement:


Location In The Property: Ideally, the garage is the best spot for an electric vehicle charging station as most vehicle owners tend to park their cars there.


Proximity To The Electric Panel: Every garage will have an electric panel. The idea is to place the EV charger as close to the electric panel as possible to reduce installation charges. For more guidance, please contact a licensed electrician in Toronto today.


Length Of The Charging Cord: The longer the length of the charging cord, the easier it is to place the charger at a convenient location. However, keeping the charging cord short will reduce costs.


Height Of The EV Charger: Apart from location and proximity to the vehicle, it is also crucial to consider the height. According to most building codes, the charger should be placed at least 18 inches above the floor of the garage. Although ideally, it should be around 42 to 48 inches.


Thus, by keeping these 4 factors in mind, one can install an EV charger in an optimal manner for the best possible results in terms of charging and energy costs.


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