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The Guide to Electrical Panel Upgrades

May 03, 2021

Determined by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, regular checking of electrical panels should be performed. This includes times when an electrical fix does not need to be undertaken. Specifically, one should check for indications of rust or scorching, which both indicate the presence of damage to the system and would call for electrical panel upgrades. It is important for the maintenance of electrical panels to be included in a regular routine due to this. Although, in certain cases the need to change the unit to a more advanced version will be present.


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When would an upgrade be needed?


As a general rule, electrical panels require a replacement every 25-40 years. In addition to this, other key signs exist and should be looked out for that point to whether an existing system has become outdated.


Faulty Wiring


Safety should be top of mind when dealing with electricity and wiring for any type of structure. In many homes, a leading cause of fire is often faulty wiring. On a general basis, as the wiring becomes older, the likelihood of it becoming faulty increases. By having professional electricians regularly inspect electrical panels, any issues can be recognized and addressed. If lights or other appliances flicker, small electric shocks come from touching appliances, a burning smell is present, scorch marks or sparking can be seen on power outlets, or there is warmth surrounding the electrical panels inside a building, a fault in the wiring is a strong possibility.


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