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The Benefits of Electric Vehicle Charging at Home

March 08, 2021

The benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) are undebatable. As they become more ubiquitous, there is an increasing demand for electric vehicle charging stations as well. For many electric vehicle owners, home charging stations are a convenient and easily-acquired solution.


Here are the benefits of getting your own electric vehicle charging station:



When EVs were first popularized, one of the main concerns was the lack of charging stations. Everyone who owns an EV knows the benefits of charging your car at home overnight so that it is fully ready for use the next day. If you work from home, you can charge your vehicle during the day. You no longer need to worry about queues at gas stations or having to take detours to a station that has an EV charging unit.  



Having your own electric vehicle charging station means accumulating lifetime savings. Firstly, there will be no fee to charge at home, plus the mileage you save on having to drive to a station adds up as well. Furthermore, there are a number of attractive incentives for homeowners who get charging stations installed. In Toronto, Ontario, there is the Home Energy Loan Program with attractive, low-interest rates allowing you to cover the cost of home energy improvements, including electric vehicle charging stations.


Property Valuation

There is a reason why the government offers such great incentives for home energy improvements. Obviously, the key point is the benefit it brings to the environment. Considering the fact that an energy-efficient home is preferred by virtually all stakeholders, you can drastically improve the value of your property if you have an electric vehicle charging station installed. There will be more and more drivers of EVs in the years to come, and having a home with a proper charging station will greatly increase your home’s value.


A.S. Electrical is proud to be able to provide services to our clients that encourage greener and more environmentally-friendly living. We provide services for electric vehicle charging in homes or for buildings such as condominiums or office buildings. Whatever your needs are, be sure to contact us to get the best prices and services in the GTA!