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The Benefits of Dry Saunas

February 04, 2021

During this cold season, many homeowners are thinking about outfitting their homes with dry saunas. Indeed, it is easy to do this now thanks to the advanced capabilities of specialized electricians such as those at A.S. Electrical. Saunas have been in use in various forms for stress relief, relaxation, and health benefits for a long time. Nowadays, modern saunas offer an easily accessible and comfortable experience.


There are many different kinds of saunas, but in today’s blog we will be focussing on the benefits of dry saunas.


The main difference between dry saunas and steam saunas is that steam saunas involve the use of water. Steam rooms and steam saunas utilize hot water to heat the space, and thus there is an abundance of moisture. This has its own set of health benefits too, but some people prefer dry saunas because the humidity in a steam sauna or steam room can make it difficult to breathe.


Health Benefits:


1. Better physicality

You may have heard of athletes utilizing saunas to improve performance and heal their muscles. Dry saunas are better for this as the humid environment of steam saunas are not the best for those who have rheumatic diseases such as arthritis, spondylitis, and more. Furthermore, dry saunas also benefit anyone who has chronic fatigue or pain syndromes, as well as certain pulmonary diseases. Consult your doctor to find out if a sauna will work for your specific health needs.


2. Better skin

If you have a skin condition that causes itching, such as psoriasis, a dry sauna may be able to help you. These kinds of skin diseases can cause all kinds of dermatological problems, such as patches or rashes, which can itch, sting, or burn. Repeated scratching will then worsen the condition or cause the disease to spread to other parts of your body. A sauna may be able to help with itch relief.


3. Better breathing

Those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues will often experiences problems with wheezing. Saunas have been shown to reduce the instances of wheezing, thus allowing you to breathe better. Make sure you consult with a doctor first and adopt proper breathing exercises while using the sauna as well.


If you are looking to install a sauna in your home, give A.S. Electrical a call today!