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The Benefits of a Lighting Retrofit

March 27, 2018

When it comes to economic sense, operational costs and overall efficiency, a lighting retrofit offers the option of enhancing lighting components by upgrading the fixtures with parts that consume energy more efficiently. This upgrade option takes advantage of improved electrical technology and will work to your advantage.


Investing in a lighting retrofit can produce a significant return on investment, not only by increasing efficiency of power consumption but also by reducing overhead expenses and increasing safety.


Here is how a set of lighting replacements and upgrades can work in your favor, whether domestically or commercially.

How it works:

A lighting retrofit directly works on reducing the input watts by replacing the existing lights and ballasts with more energy efficient components. The hours of operations, for example, can be programmed by using sophisticated controls. Energy consumption is usually computed by multiplying the input watts per kilowatt by the hours which the lighting component has operated in a given period. Input watts is the amount of power that goes to the lighting fixture. With a throughout inspection of your lighting and power system, our technicians can propose fixes, upgrades and replacements that will significantly balance kilowatt hours and input watts.

Lighting is one of the highest operating costs in many businesses and homes. A lighting retrofit allows you to comprehend the current lighting system and accesses information on potential system upgrades, improvements, possible issues and unused features based on expert advice.

A.S Electrical can help you maximize savings and reduce operational costs for your project or home. We strive to deliver quality service to our residential and commercial customers. Our team of highly qualified, licensed electricians carefully applies safety standards.

We offer complete solutions and diagnosis for all types of lighting fixtures. Contact AS Electrical today to learn more about electrical upgrades and lighting retrofitting!