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The Basics Of Electric Vehicle Charger Maintenance

August 11, 2022

The popularity of electric vehicles is on an upward trend as the world shifts to a greener way of living. And as the demand for EV vehicles keeps growing, so does the demand for its maintenance and repairs. 


EV charger's timely maintenance is important as servicing your ER charger will ensure its longevity. In this blog, we discuss what kind of maintenance is required for different types of electric vehicle chargers and charging stations. 


EV charger categories overview


Depending on their charging capacity, EV chargers are categorized into three levels: level one, two and three with level one providing a slower charging rate and level three being the fastest. 

According to the network they connect to, EV chargers are also categorized into non-networked and networked. 



Maintenance of level 1 and 2 non-networked EV chargers


Level 1 chargers can plug into a standard 120 V outlet which makes them easy to install and use. These chargers can be used in residential building garages for personal use. Level 2 chargers require 240 V to charge and therefore provide a faster charge speed. They can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.


Level 1 and 2 charger maintenance routine is quite basic and primarily includes storing the charging cord securely, keeping the charger clean and occasionally checking the chargers for wear or damage. Level 1 charger also requires the outlet inspected and changed once in several years as well as the cord set and receptacle changed annually. It is recommended that this maintenance routine be performed by a licensed electrician.


Level 2 chargers are more complex in terms of their structure, and so they may require more frequent maintenance than level 1 chargers. 



Maintenance of level 3 chargers


Since level 3 chargers are mainly used for commercial charging purposes, their parts are more prone to wear and they require more frequent upkeep, such as preventive maintenance of the cooling system, filter and other components. Servicing a level 3 charger involves more costs compared to levels 1 and 2, so installing it in a garage for personal use is not recommended. Level 3 chargers have to be serviced by a licensed electrician.



Maintenance of networked EV charging stations 


Networked charging stations are designed for commercial purposes mainly. And because they comprise many parts, they require more frequent maintenance and technical troubleshooting. Networked EV charging stations will most often require maintenance of communication systems, touch screens, card readers and data collection systems. Maintenance can be performed remotely as well as by an electrician on site.


EV charger maintenance should not be underestimated, as regular inspection of components such as connectors, cables, and gun holsters will ensure an EV charger operates properly and nothing disrupts its functioning. Regular and timely maintenance will improve EV charger lifespan, saving repairs costs in the long run. 


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