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Services Provided By An Electrician In Toronto

July 04, 2018

An electrician in Toronto, whether they work in the residential, commercial, or industrial sector, provide a range of services when managing their specific electrical system. Whether it be retrofits for your high rise or home, an audit for your commercial building, or installations for industrial electrical equipment, we at A.S. Electrical can get the job done.


When choosing an electrician in Toronto, choose one that’s qualified and has proven experience working in the sector you need electrical service.


If you need electrical work done for your home, apartment, or high-rise condo, we have residential electricians qualified to service the electrical systems for your building. Aside from providing regular maintenance and repairs, a residential electrician in Toronto also provides indoor and outdoor lighting repair, and installations for electrical devices such as carbon monoxide detectors and automatic garage doors.



Any commercial building requires serious electrical work which varies from building to building. Whether it be an office building, mall, bakery, gym, each building requires a specific set of needs to accommodate its operation. When you need a commercial electrician in Toronto, our electricians are able to handle any electrical systems your commercial building has.



Factories and manufacturing buildings require a large supply of power for it to be operational. With the power consumption rate typically high, an electrical assessment would be incredibly beneficial. Our electricians are prepared to help you save money on your hydro bills and get the most out of your electrical systems.


If your industrial, commercial, or residential building needs electrical work done, we at A.S. Electrical have electricians perfect for your building. With our highly trained staff, and our willingness to provide you the best possible service, you can count on us to service the needs of the electrical systems for your building. So, contact us today!