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Save Big on Your Lighting Costs with a Lighting Conversion

February 21, 2018

Manufacturers and designers alike are witnessing an increasing demand for LED lights. Most businesses are retrofitting their existing buildings because lighting conversion helps rebrand a store or facility and offer a new, inviting look. This results in more foot traffic and customer interaction. Beyond this, there are numerous reasons why converting from conventional light bulbs or fluorescent to LED is a great investment in your facility.


A retrofit or lighting conversion is a renovation of old lighting fixtures and bulbs to improve lighting and temperature while maintaining low emissions and saving up to 70% on energy spent.


 Apart from energy efficiency, a lighting conversion to LED also provides better light quality, improved safety at work, and even enhanced productivity.


Some may have reservations about a lighting retrofit, particularly about the upfront costs involved. These can depend on the project and the amount of work that has to be done. Regardless of the price, however, a retrofit will reduce power usage and increase efficiency. With the government programs to encourage enterprises to go greener, most cities have utility rebates for more energy efficient lighting conversion. These rebates and incentive programs are a great way to offset the cost of a lighting retrofit, which will eventually pay for itself in saved costs. Since LED lights last much longer than the older ones, you will see lower operating and maintenance costs.


An LED lighting conversion also provides increased control of actual optics of the lighting fixtures. This is necessary if your business is next to a residential area and that has to respect property lines and bylaws. LED allows you to change optics within the lighting fixture by using an individual chip that provides backlight control and prevents light from passing. This is a more convenient way to provide sufficient lighting for a business site which needs increased security without light spillover.


There are many more advantages to converting to LED lights, and you can learn all about the lighting retrofit from the experts at A.S. Electrical Services. We specialize in lighting conversion or retrofitting, auditing, and rewiring. Our expert electricians have the knowledge and skills required to take on any project. Call or visit us today!