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Safety Innovations in Engineering and Electrical Services

May 14, 2018

At A.S. Electrical, we continuously adapt to engineering developments in efficiency, capacity and safety in order to provide our clients with the most efficient and innovative electrical services available. Electrical safety requires in depth product knowledge and safe installation practices.


Certified and experienced electrical services ensure safety in devices and wiring to keep people safe, whether it is a residential or commercial installation.


Here are a few of the operational and safety standards we ensure are met in every job:

1.    Arc Fault

There are two types of operational arcs. The operational and non-operational. Operational arcs involve the proper function of the electrical system. Examples are the switching loads on/off and contact closure/opening. Non-operational arcs are for potential fire hazards. It gives priority to damaged insulation in fixed wiring and appliance cords as well as loose connections.

2.    Tamper-resistant receptacles

The two-prong plug in the outlet must be evenly inserted into the tamper-resistant receptacle will not open. It provides a permanent solution to childhood shocks from tampering with wall outlets. It also features safety internal shutters that block foreign objects from being inserted into the receptacle. This provides electrical services installation a safer solution to your households.

3.    Power over Ethernet

A structured cable system that binds up cables to produce extended lengths. POE requirements have been added to the code for higher power applications common in industrial or commercial settings.

4.    Maximum continuous load marking

There is no requirement to communicate concerns about future maintenance and modification of electrical services system. In this section of the Ontario code, however, it is stated that there must be a caution label on the equipment to indicate the maximum continuous load allowed.


For more information on electrical services and safety, or to speak with an expert electrician about your project, call AS Electrical today.