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Restoring Power to a High-End Condominium – a 9-Month Endeavor

January 15, 2020

In late April of last year, A.S. Electrical was called to take on a project that would eventually lead to a 9-month endeavor. Two licensed electricians in Toronto were called to scope out an electrical explosion that occurred in a high-end condominium near Bayview and Sheppard in North York.



Upon arrival the two electricians soon realized the scale of work required was beyond what was possible for a casual visit. An entire crew was sent soon after to deal with the remnants of an electrical explosion that occurred in the condo’s main electrical room – leaving the building’s residents without heat or hot water for 6 days. The explosion appeared to be caused by an infrastructure failure on the part of the builder.



The A.S. Electrical crew worked tirelessly facilitating the fire safety rules and stipulations of Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and Toronto Hydro to ensure that power would be restored. Meeting the needs of multiple relevant authorities was no easy task, and one that should not be taken lightly. A.S. Electrical took every step of the process in stride, communicating and carrying out the necessary work to mitigate the effects of the explosion.



A 9-Month Endeavor


The scope of work that was conducted over the 9-month period included complete rewiring, and replacement of equipment inside the electrical room, in addition to the replacement of the main transformer vault, concrete-encased transformer pad mount, high-voltage duct bank, and secondary low-voltage duct bank located at the building’s exterior.



The replacement of the exterior duct banks in particular was no easy feat. The average licensed electrician in Toronto won’t typically have the capacity to conduct duct bank electrical servicing due to the nature of what is required. Multiple parties are involved when it comes to replacing duct banks. The ability to work effectively to meet the needs of what is required and adherence to special procedures and protocols are of the utmost importance – small mistakes can lead to thousands of dollars lost.




A New Year


All the electrical work needed took our licensed electricians in Toronto up until Christmas, with small fixes still occurring through the new year. Today, all residents of the North York condominium have access to power and warm water.