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Responsibilities And Duties Of A Master Electrician

June 28, 2018

The master electrician is the one in charge of all the electricians that are working on a particular installation or construction. The master electrician is the only one who can handle permits concerning electrical authority.


Here are duties and responsibilities of a master electrician:

  • Experience – For an electrician to be qualified as a master electrician, they must have at least three years of experience doing electrical work. They must also be working for an electrical contractor as a Certified Technician or a Professional Engineer.
  • Supervision of All Electrical Operations – A master electrician handles all direct supervision when it comes to electrical work for any installation or construction project. They also always keep the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and laws in mind.
  • Handles Electrical Preventive Maintenance Operations – They lead and supervise electricians in maintaining electrical systems in order to keep them running all the time. They update and optimize systems in order to reduce downtime, risk of shock, electrical failure, or accidents.
  • Supervision of All Electrical Repairs – Whether it’s in industrial, commercial or residential sites, the master electrician handles and supervises teams for all emergency electrical repairs and industrial machinery repair.
  • Supervision of All Electrical Wiring Operations – Electrical wiring can be incredibly complex and must be maintained properly for all businesses and residential areas in Toronto. The master electrician leads the team that will handle all wiring, lighting fittings and installations of any electrical equipment.


The master electrician must be a part of a company that has had a strong reputation in terms of electrical operations. They must be a part of an electrical service company that offers a lot to residential and commercial areas. Above all, they must value quality service and performance.


When looking for the right electrician, find a master electrician who is affiliated with a great electrical company that serves both residential and commercial areas in the Greater Toronto Area. Ensure that you find a master electrician who has had experience dealing with small residential electrical work as well as large-scale projects in commercial areas.