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Residential Electricians’ Electrical Checklist. What’s On It?

May 29, 2023

If you think that the only time you need to call residential electricians in Toronto is when you need something fixed urgently, you are sorely mistaken. In order to ensure all provincial and federal safety standards are complied with, it is important to schedule electrical inspections as often as every five years for businesses and every ten years for private homes. These numbers don’t include scenarios where a house or a business is suspected to have a malfunctioning electrical system. 


There are several aspects that need to be looked at by residential electricians in Toronto to ensure the safety of the premises. This blog will explore what electricians often look for during an electrical inspection. Read on!


What’s On The Electrician’s Electrical Inspection List?


Having your home’s electrical systems inspected once in several years is beneficial for the overall safety of the property. It is also a great way to avoid surprise (and most of the time costly) repairs in the future. Here’s the list of the most common things residential electricians in Toronto will screen for during an inspection:


  • Screening for potential electrical hazards
  • Inspecting electrical system to make sure everything is in accordance with the current code
  • Checking if outlets are wired properly
  • Testing electrical meter
  • Testing safety switches
  • Checking the circuit breaker capacity to make sure the electrical panel can handle the load


Allowing any of these aspects to go neglected may lead to major system breakdowns and repairs that can cost homeowners way more than the inspection fee itself. 


Can I Perform Electrical Inspection By Myself?


The majority of electrical inspections can only be performed by a licensed residential electrician. However, there are signs that act as an indication for homeowners to get their electrical systems inspected by a professional. Those could be:


  • Flickering lights
  • Circuit breaker tripping frequently 
  • Burn-out odor coming from any of the outlets or appliances
  • Extensive use of extension cords


Why Are Timely Electrical Inspections Necessary?


One of the obvious reasons for timely electrical inspections is safety. Whether you live in your house or rent it out to tenants, you must ensure that the place is safe to be in. 


Another reason is to avoid costly repairs that can result from long-neglected electrical issues. 

It is also a good idea to have your home inspected by a licensed electrician if you decide to sell your property. And that is because some buyers will want to make sure that the property and its electrical system are in good condition. With an electrical report in hand, you will increase your chances of selling your home faster. 


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