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Residential, Commercial, and Master Electricians…What’s The Difference?

December 06, 2019

It is often the case that most homeowners will have to contract an electrician in Toronto to either: a) install new lighting fixtures, or b) repair electrical problems.


In any case, it is important to know that licensed electricians possess various titles, each with the ability to conduct unique electrical work as they have differing degrees of specialization.


Today’s piece will help you on your way to understanding the four different types of electricians seen throughout Toronto; imparting the knowledge you need to decide which one to choose.


Residential Electricians

This type of electrician in Toronto will have undergone a formal classroom education and an apprenticeship involving a minimum of 4 years work, under the supervision of expert electricians.


Upon the end of the apprenticeship program, they are required to pass an examination to become licensed, allowing them to tackle real-world projects. This primarily takes form in installing, maintaining, and upgrading electrical systems and equipment across homes and other residences.


Commercial Electricians

These electricians have undertaken formal education, training, and apprenticeship. The main differences lie in their work, with more of a focus on electrical systems in stores, offices, and construction sites.


Prior to attaining their license, a commercial electrician in Toronto must work under the guidance of a master electrician. Installations, maintenance, and repairs also fall under their remit, but the standards they conform to are more stringent as their work affects public safety.



Prior to an apprentice being certified or licensed to become a journeyman, they must pass an examination. Journeymen are permitted to work unsupervised on a number of electrical tasks that involve power supplies, security systems, and communication technology. Supervision of an apprentice also falls under the responsibilities they can take on.


Master Electricians

These are highly skilled electricians that takes on more of a supervisory role or, more often, manage their own contracting firm (something a journeyman electrician cannot do). Their duties are typically relegated to supervising a team of labourers, apprentices, and journeymen, when performing any electrical task.


It is important to know that electricians in Toronto possess various titles, each with the ability to conduct unique electrical work…