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Preparing Your Home’s Electrical System for the Winter

October 15, 2019

Canadian winters can be brutal. With temperatures reaching as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius (with the wind chill), as Canadians, we take the necessary precautions to winterize both ourselves and our homes before the first snow storm hits. A licensed electrician in Toronto will tell you it’s best to be prepared – especially when it comes to residential electrical systems.


But what precautions should we take to adequately prepare our home’s electrical system for the winter?


As a smart homeowner, you probably understand the risks associated when electricity and water come into contact. As licensed electricians in Toronto we want to ensure that you, your family, and your property is well protected this coming winter season. That’s why we’ve cultivated a how-to guide on preparing your electrical system for the winter.


Begin Outside Your Home


Our preparation guide begins just outside of your home. Ensure there aren’t any electrical wires caught or hanging too closely to trees in your backyard – as heavy snowfall and excessive weight on tree branches can end up tearing those electrical wires down.


Inspect any electrical boxes and panels around your home by checking the state of the box and cover – have you noticed any damage that ought to be repaired?  


In both instances, be sure to consult a licensed electrician in Toronto on what measures to take on how to avoid future hazards.


Don’t Forget the Attic


If you’ve had issues with leaks in your home, it’s always important to check the attic. As the space closest to your roof – your attic is a key indicator of whether or not you need to repair your roof. Leaks can come into contact with the electrical wiring in your home – and can contribute to significant hazards like fire, faulty electrical systems due to corrosion of wires, and exposure to electrical current.  


Be Wary of Rodents and Pests


On the levels of your home you find you and your family find yourselves in the most, it’s also worth inspecting outlets for any exposure to water, moisture, and rodents. Rodents and other pests make their homes indoors to escape the freezing temperatures outside. Unfortunately, these pests can end up chewing the electrical wiring in your home – leading to issues such as short outs of appliances, fire hazards, and other related electrical system problems.



If you’re concerned about what steps to take to properly prepare your home’s electrical system for the winter, call A.S. Electrical today! As licensed electricians in Toronto, we are fully capable of assessing your home’s needs and coming up with a suitable, affordable solution.