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Planning on Selling? Read These Electrical Servicing Tips First

March 28, 2019

Thinking of selling your home? It’s imperative to ensure your home is in tip-top condition for the inspection process so you can reclaim as much value for your home as possible. This includes ensuring all electrical systems in your home are compliant with provincial regulations and code. This is especially true if you live in an older home – where electrical services like upgrades and rewiring are necessary to sustain the home’s contemporary power consumption.


Ultimately selling your home is a huge financial decision – but setting yourself up for success by ensuring your home will not pose a safety threat to potential buyers will make all the difference – especially if you’ve built a substantial amount of equity.


The following are a few tips and electrical services to consider before you sign the agreement of purchase and sale.


Upgrade Outdated or Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker Panels


Your electrical panel is the powerhouse of the electrical system in your home. If the appliances and other electrical loads in your home require a higher voltage – you must ensure your panel is fully capable of providing the necessary voltage to sustain your home’s everyday needs. A lower voltage system that endures an electrical load out of its recommended capacity can lead to electrical failure and fire – jeopardizing the safety of your home’s occupants.


Old Electrical Service Loads


As suggested it is imperative for your voltage system to be able to carry the load of your home’s electrical needs. Traditional 60-amp voltage systems are simply not going to cut it. If you live in an older home be sure to assess your voltage system and make the relevant upgrades as necessary.


Ungrounded Outlets


It’s very rare that you’ll find a two-pronged receptacle in newer homes – but they do exist in older homes. If you have these old school receptacles in your home, it’s definitely worth replacing them before selling. This is especially true if the condition of inspection is applicable to the sale of your home, because you can probably bet that a good inspector will ding you for your receptacles not being up to date by provincial code.


A.S. Electrical is a Reputable Electrical Services Provider


Before you decide to put your home on the market – get every aspect of your home assessed by a relevant industry professional.

Luckily, A.S. Electrical is fully capable of assessing your electrical servicing needs. Whether you live in a new or older home, it’s always important to know that your home is up to provincial electrical code so that you can rest assured knowing your safety won’t be compromised due to electrical system failure.

Call us today for all your electrical servicing needs! We’d be happy to help you succeed in the sale of your home.