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Owning a Steam Sauna in the Comfort of Your Home

December 22, 2020

Steam saunas can improve overall health and increase general happiness. These steam rooms offer plenty of amazing benefits to users, ranging from improved blood circulation, better respiratory functions, and enhanced skin conditions. But how can you exactly have your own steam sauna at home?


Here are three easy steps to start owning a relaxation spa in the comfort of your own home.


1. Choosing the steam space

The important elements to consider when selecting the right space for a steam sauna includes the ceiling height, enclosure, and waterproofing. The ceiling height of a sauna should be a maximum of 7 feet. Since heat rises, it will collect near the ceiling and you will benefit from laying on the upper bench. If you want the ceiling to be higher than that, it’s best to have an air circulation system in place. Moreover, the steam bath space has to be fully enclosed to avoid steam from going out. Another thing to consider is that the interior surfaces should be fully sealed and waterproofed with a floor drain placed in the center of the room.


2. Selecting the materials

In terms of surface materials for the wall and ceiling, it is recommended to select the style that compliments your bath. Saunas can be made with a variety of different materials such as ceramic tiles, granite, marble, and porcelain tiles. However, before you make your final selection, make sure that it adheres to the standard installation process as well as the backing materials and adhesives you use.


3. Installing the boiler system

This is perhaps the most critical part when installing steam saunas. You need to have an ideal spot where you can install the boiler or generator. Most industry experts recommend within ten feet of the steam head and remember that there must be a dedicated electrical circuit for it. The most common locations for this electrical work are in the nearby closet, inside the steam shower, or a cabinet.


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