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Own a Tesla? Here Are Your Charging Options

November 27, 2023

Tesla vehicles have become increasingly popular in Canada because of their energy-saving and environmentally helpful features. Unfortunately, the local electric vehicle charging landscape has yet to adapt to the new wave of electric vehicles available in the market. Heavy reliance on public chargers and workplace charging isn't sufficient to keep your vehicle powered all the time. Thus, our team at A.S. Electrical has compiled all your Tesla vehicle charging options in this blog. 


120V Outlet

Your most basic charging option is a "Level 1" charging station, or, in other words, the standard 120V outlet. The included Tesla charger that comes with your car plugs to any wall socket in your garage. The entire setup costs nothing, but you will only get trickle charging speed, amounting to 3-4 MPH per hour, which might not be enough if you need to charge your Tesla for a long drive. 


240V Outlet

Dryer outlets can charge Tesla vehicles by 15-30 MPH per hour, making it a better and more practical option for drivers who travel long distances everyday. Dryer outlets, or 240V outlets, are "Level 2" charging outlets that require a Tesla dryer adapter. You can purchase several types, so take advice from the manufacturer on which one works for your existing dryer outlet.


Standard Tesla Charger

Standard Tesla chargers are the highest EV charger you can find, but it is the ideal option tested for most Tesla users. A Tesla charger can provide you with a fully-charged vehicle in six hours. The cost to install a Tesla charger varies depending on your garage layout and existing electrical infrastructure. Speak to a professional electrician to know if an infrastructure upgrade is required before you can install a Tesla charger.


You can always count on A.S. Electrical for high-quality electrical charger installation services. Fully licensed and equipped, we will make sure your electric vehicle charging station is installed with all safety measures in place. Call us today!