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Major Benefits of Dry Sauna

December 30, 2021

Originated in Finland, saunas have been built and used by people around the globe over the years. The word sauna originates from the Finnish word savusaunat. Owing to the many health benefits it offers, saunaing is recommended for people of all ages. In addition, places like gyms, hotels, and resorts provide saunas for attracting guests. There are mainly two types of saunas — dry sauna and wet sauna. 


Wet: A steam room is an example of a wet sauna. It is named so because the heat generated inside such rooms is moist. Water is added to wet saunas' heating element and is usually hotter than its dry counterpart. 


Dry: Dry saunas feel relatively colder even when kept at the same temperature as a steam room due to lesser humidity. This is the traditional form of sauna that was first used in Finnish homes and is now popular worldwide. 


Some major benefits of dry sauna

The inside of this type of sauna is often made using softwoods like cedar and basswood. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of dry saunaing.


Healthy skin


Spending some time inside a sauna has significant skin benefits. The pores open when your body heats up in a sauna. This in turn helps get rid of impurities and toxins from the body leading to healthy and glowing skin. 


Great for recovery


There are very few better options for relaxing and rejuvenating yourself than spending some time in the sauna. Saunaing after an intense gym session is great for recovering your tensed muscles. Top athletes involve sauna as part of their recovery session.


Great for getting rid of stress and headaches


It is a scientifically proven fact that dry saunaing can elevate your mood and help you deal with stress. Saunaing is an efficient and relaxing break from your busy lives. Even headaches can be taken care of in a healthy way with the help of a sauna. 

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