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Maintaining Your Electric Vehicle Charger

July 13, 2021

With more and more individuals and businesses installing electrical vehicle charging stations, people have become more cognizant of the price of installation and maintenance. In general, electric vehicles and their chargers are reasonably priced considering the benefits they bring to the environment and the money they save in terms of fuel. With that said, it is still important to know how to maintain your electric vehicle charger carefully to increase your benefits and reduce your costs.


Generally, electric vehicle charging stations are easy to maintain.


Typically, most electric vehicle chargers at home are considered non-networked level 1 and 3 charging stations. These chargers require very little maintenance and upkeep, but operating them properly will help you increase their lifespan in the long-term:


  • Store the charging cord securely.
  • Check the accessible parts of the charger for wear and tear periodically.
  • Clean the area around the charger regularly as well as the charger itself with a damp cloth and some detergent.
  • Do not store harmful elements near the charger, such as corrosive fluids or highly flammable items. EV chargers are incredibly safe, but these items can still damage your charger.


On the other hand, networked or fast charging stations will require more upkeep. When the time comes, do not try and attempt any repairs yourself. Rather, call a trusted electrician such as those at A.S. Electrical Services and have them look at your systems. Better yet, set up a maintenance plan so that your electricians follow a regular schedule to come and maintain your charging stations.


Considering the simplicity of maintaining an EV charging station, especially ones kept at home, the costs of maintenance should not factor in too highly into your overall budget. In fact, the costs of keeping a diesel or gas-fueled vehicle is higher over time. With charging stations, even with major issues, you only need reliable electricians to come and have a look at your charger.


If you are looking for electric vehicle charging solutions, contact us at A.S. Electrical Services today.