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How to Survive Winter: Heated Driveways

February 15, 2019


Winter has arrived in Toronto, and it looks like it’s here to stay!


This winter has been especially abundant in snow, which means homeowners have had to be diligent in clearing their driveways. Snow removal takes time and energy, or money for those who decide they don’t have the time or energy to clear their driveways themselves. It can get quite frustrating having to shovel your driveway a few times a week for several months. Luckily for you, one of the specialty electrical services we provide is heated driveway installation.


Our heated driveways consist of a combination of mats, sensor and cables that melts snow that has already accumulated, or can be turned on while it is snowing to remove snow that is continuously accumulating. A heated driveway is not just for convenience—it may be a huge safety boon in extreme conditions. Here are some winter weather conditions that warrant a heated driveway.



Of all the electrical services you could have installed or upgraded around your home, a heated driveway is one of the most useful in snowstorms. Lighting and heat will keep you comfortable while you’re indoors, but if someone needs to go out during a storm (say, for food supplies) or needs to get back home after getting caught in the storm, a heated driveway is what you need. Your access to the outside world should not be hindered by your driveway.


Freezing Rain

Freezing rain can be just as dangerous as a snowstorm. People may even choose to stay indoors for fear of slipping on treacherous sidewalks and roads. A heated driveway will ensure that you will at least be able to get to your car, and your car will be able to safely exit your driveway.  


Consecutive Days of Snow

While snow that persists for multiple days at a time may not be cause for alarm, this is just the type of situation that would cause frustration among homeowners who have to spend extra time each morning clearing out their driveway before heading out to work or school. The repeated use of ice-melt chemicals and rock salt on driveways can actually damage concrete and asphalt, and even possibly the undercarriage of automobiles. A heated driveway will save you time without negatively impacting your driveway.


At A.S. Electrical Services Ltd., we have been providing electrical services for commercial, industrial and residential projects across the GTA since 2006. In addition to heated driveways, we offer a range of specialty services, including carbon monoxide sensor installation/repair, solar panels and solar lighting and automatic door installation/repair. Contact us today for any of your electrical needs—we guarantee that we’ll go above and beyond your expectations!