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How Lighting Conversion Projects Work

July 11, 2018

If you are considering an upgrade for the lighting system and fixtures in your business, a lighting conversion may be the most beneficial solution. It is a service that reduces your lighting system’s energy use by replacing old components with newer counterparts and optimize the performance of the system.


The savings provided by a lighting conversion in energy consumption and increased productivity offer a return on investment that will improve the operation of your business and keep your staff safe.

Typically, lighting comprises about 25% of the energy consumption in most buildings, both for commercial and residential. In most cases, the lighting components that make up a system can be replaced, upgraded or maintained in a conversion to optimize use, performance and safety.


A lighting conversion project usually begins with a whole building energy audit. A lighting audit starts with a walking inspection of the building or facility with the auditor or lighting conversion expert, who will take measurements and locate areas of improvement. They will also request records of past electricity usage. This audit information is necessary for better results as well as for compliance of incentive programs offered by the provincial and federal government or sponsored by utility companies.


Apart from inspecting all of the lighting components during the audit, the auditor would also conduct a consultation to determine all important information about the operation and the building. This experienced specialist will provide recommendations for improvements or issues that may develop into problems in the future. Auditors usually use the baseline of “hours of use” for various types of businesses in estimating potential savings from any upgrades on lighting systems.


A lighting conversion will ultimately replace, upgrade or repair the current wiring and electrical system in place in order to lower energy costs, optimize its use and increase both the safety and performance of vital machines and equipment. With professional insight and recommendations from our technicians, your business can adapt to an effective plan in improving costs, safety and efficiency.