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How Do You Determine if A Lighting Retrofit is Appropriate?

October 13, 2017

A lighting retrofit is an upgrade of an existing lighting system to achieve greater luminosity and energy efficiency. There are two major cost factors in a lighting retrofit: the cost of the service from a lighting retrofit company and the cost of the upgrade itself, meaning the capital outlay for the lights, electrical wiring and structural improvements.


A lighting retrofit is considered a major type of renovation. In beginning this process, it is necessary to ask your contractor the following questions:


  1. How much will the lighting retrofit cost? More specifically what is the budget for the whole project? The cost of the retrofit, as previously mentioned would be namely the service fee charged by the lighting retrofit company. This fee covers the manual labour, equipment and time needed during the renovation. In addition, what is the cost of other items such as the new lighting systems, electrical conduits, wiring and new breaker? Ensure you obtain a rough but accurate estimation before the project is undertaken. 


  1. What are the benefits of a lighting retrofit? This is determined with a design plan after a lighting audit of the current system in your structure. Ensure that a lighting retrofit will actually reduce your current cost of maintenance. Furthermore, the cost of replacing lighting fixtures must also decrease in the long term. Are the long-term energy costs worth it? How complex will the system be? Am I saving money? These are all questions to ask before and during a lighting audit.


These two major questions will help determine whether it is in your best interest to undergo a lighting retrofit. At A.S. Electrical, we offer a full-scale lighting retrofit for your industrial, residential/condominium or commercial facility. Our licensed commercial electricians have years of experience creating solutions for those who wanted to lower their energy usage. Give us a call at 647-403-8166 to learn more about how we can help you save energy and money!