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How A Licensed Electrician Can Help Your Business

May 22, 2019

Commercial electrical wiring is more complex compared to residential electrical wiring. The size and functionality of a commercial building also requires more advanced equipment and deeper knowledge of the workings of electrical systems. As such, any licensed electrician in Toronto knows that they are a crucial part of the continued success of businesses and the safety of commercial properties.


A licensed electrician has the certified experience and knowledge to install, repair, and maintain a variety of complex electrical projects.



That being said, the benefits of having a licensed electrician in Toronto extend beyond simple technical know-how – they also perform specific duties outside of electrical work that can aid one’s business.


Here are the additional benefits of a licensed electrician:


1. A licensed electrician can submit a Request for Inspection to schedule a review by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) of the electrical work for an existing permit. Businesses can therefore rely on their master electrician to make sure all their electrics are always up to code, and that necessary reviews are always promptly scheduled.


2. Licensed electricians can acquire a Certificate of Inspection upon completion of electrical work to show that the electrics of a building are in compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. This brings credibility to the safety of your building, and you can also rest assured that the electrical work done in your property was held to a high standard.


3. A licensed electrician does not only have technical finesse. Their training includes experience with project supervision and management, which means they can work with a team of other technicians for larger-scale projects. Their supervisory prowess extends to the nitty-gritty of efficient machine operation to make sure every aspect of the project runs seamlessly.


A.S. Electrical Services can provide you with the best licensed electrician in Toronto and the GTA. Our priority is in the sustainability of a building’s electrics, making sure we provide long-term solutions that will help you save cost and boost the quality of your commercial property.