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Here’s Why Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights Are A Must In Residential Homes

July 10, 2023

Have you ever passed by a home in Toronto and noticed the front yard light up? These are called motion sensor lights or motion light sensors. Just a few years ago they were a feature of luxury homes. These days they have become a must for any home in Toronto and the GTA area. In this blog, we will talk about what motion sensor light systems are and why it is a good idea to have a licensed electrician in Toronto install one. 


What are motion sensor light systems?


Motion sensor lights are light systems that trigger a response - light - when motion is detected. They can be installed indoors, on walls or ceilings, or outside, on the exterior of buildings and homes. Simple at first sight, motion sensor lighting systems are complex electrical systems that have to be installed by licensed electricians in Toronto.


Reasons to install outdoor motion sensor lights


Lower electricity bills

With motion sensor lights you don’t need to keep the lights on all night. They will automatically turn on every time the sensor is activated by movement. This means lots of saved costs on electricity bills. 


Added home security

These days security is a big concern for many homeowners, especially in larger cities like Toronto. Motion sensors provide an added layer of security in addition to the existing security systems you may have installed in your home. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is under multiple layers of protection. 


Protection against intruders and garden pets

With home invasions and burglaries heating up in summer, protecting your home from potential break-ins is crucial like never before. With motion sensor lights installed outside your home, intruders will be alerted that they are being watched, prompting them to stay away from your property. Racoons and other animals will also be discouraged from invading your backyard. 


Improved overall comfort and ambiance

Motion sensor lights are famous not only for their security benefits but also for their ability to liven up the ambience on your property. Have them installed not only in your front yard, but also in your backyard, and enjoy cozy summer nights with your family and friends. 


To sum up

Motion sensor lighting systems are not only a great addition to your home security system. They are also a great way to spruce up the exterior of your property to enhance the overall ambience of your home. 


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