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Heated Driveways Systems: Definition, Types and Reasons To Get One

October 26, 2023
Electrician in Toronto ensuring safe and efficient heated driveway installation

Driveways are generally built to be safe to walk on. However, when the first cold hits and roads get covered with ice, driveways can become a safety hazard. Driveway heating systems help keep driveways free of ice and snow, while also making them safe. 


Driveway heating systems are popular in countries where winter is long and snowy. Thus, Canada is one of the countries where heated driveways installation is one of the most sought after services. If you are considering a heated driveways for your property, this blog will help you get well-versed in the types of driveway heating systems and help you make an informed decision. 


What Are Heated Driveway Systems?

Heated driveways are snow melting systems that work by activating a net of electrical wires installed under your driveway. The systems can also consist of pipes that contain heated liquid that melts the snow on the driveway.


Driveways heating systems can be installed on both residential and commercial properties. Only qualified master electricians are allowed to perform this type of service.


Two Types of Heated Driveway Systems

You can choose between electric coil and hydronic heated driveways for your building. Let's learn more about them in this section.


Electric Coil


This is an effective and simple driveway heating system. It uses powered heated metal rods or wires installed under the driveway surface to melt snow. Indicators such as temperature, timing, and heating duration can be easily controlled by adjusting the control panel.




Hydronic systems are known for having better value for money than electric coil systems, but they require significant investment. They use PVC tubing in various patterns underneath the pavement. Heated liquid and antifreeze will pass through and warm the driveway, melting snow.


Both types of system require certain skills and equipment to be installed, so it is best to entrust this to a professional. A.S. Electrical Services Ltd. has been providing heated driveways installation services to clients in Toronto and the GTA. We have all the necessary tools and equipment to perform the installation efficiently and safely. Moreover, we work with licensed professionals only to ensure the work is done up to the code and regulations.

Should You Install a Driveway Heating System?

Heat is an efficient snow-clearing tool. Electric coil and hydronic systems have a higher return on investment than having someone shovel driveways or hiring a snow removal company every day it snows.


Have your driveway heating system installed efficiently using top-notch by electricians from A.S. Electrical. Let our team inspect and suggest the perfect driveway heating system for your property. Call us today!