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Heated Driveways: How They Work and Considerations

September 13, 2019

We all know the perils surrounding your driveway during the long winter months, especially in Toronto.


Ever increasing demands for electricians in Toronto to outfit heated driveway systems are ensuring many occupants have more time and less stress throughout their day, while keeping their shovels and snow blowers at bay.


There are, however, important considerations to keep in mind to get the most out of heated driveway systems. But, first we must have a fundamental understanding behind how they work.


The Mechanisms Behind Heated Driveways

The way electrically heated driveways deliver snow-melting results is based on how insulated wiring is spaced throughout a predefined pattern. This even heating is distributed via radiant heat through an automated control system, eliminating cold spots within the confined area.


The heating cables responsible for melting this snow are housed within mats and are spread in equal intervals and output high wattage. These mats can be installed under concrete, paved walkways, patios, and even stone floors, and are activated when defined temperature and moisture levels are detected.


Factors to Consider

Now that we have a stronger grasp on how heated driveways function, it is important you stay steadfast in making sure it is adapted to your needs.


While aspects such as soil compaction, time of year, and tree proximity are all important factors to be cognisant of, we highly recommend you consider your choice of electrician in Toronto. A heated driveway installed by a reliable electrician, such as the certified ones found here at A.S. Electrical Services Ltd., can save you a lot of money and frustration.


The A.S. Electrical Way

Our licensed electricians in Toronto use a multitude of specialty tools, such as sensors, cables, and mats, to be able to install a heated driveway system that is perfectly centred on your needs, no matter how bad of a blizzard you may experience. From Durham to Halton, our coverage throughout Ontario is extensive – get in touch with one of our electricians to prepare for the winter!