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Getting an Electrician to Replace Your Exhaust Fan

November 22, 2019

Did you know that a versatile licensed electrician in Toronto can do a lot more than just fix broken lights? From the simplest fixes around your building to large-scale projects, experts like A.S. Electrical Services can do it all.


For instance, if you ever need your exhaust fan upgraded or repaired, we can do the job!


Nothing lasts forever, least of all mechanisms such as exhaust fans that have to go through a significant amount of heavy lifting and exposure to unsavoury elements all while suffering from a lack of maintenance and cleaning.


But how do you know when it is time to call a licensed electrician in Toronto to tend to a broken exhaust fan? Here are some signs:


1. The air quality of your home is deteriorating

If you have noticed that smells or smoke linger a lot longer than they used to, that means your exhaust fan is most likely in need of some attention. It is advisable not to let this problem drag on for too long as the lack of indoor air quality can severely negatively affect the inhabitants of the home, resulting in issues such as headaches, respiratory congestion, and a general inability to enjoy one’s surroundings.


2. Excessive noise

Oftentimes, extreme loudness from your exhaust fans indicates that something may be loose inside. Perhaps a weld has come off, or there is some issue with the blades of the fan. A licensed electrician in Toronto will be able to diagnose the exact nature of the problem and recommend a proper fix, which may sometimes lead to the complete replacement of the fan.


3. It simply does not work

If you have switched the exhaust fan on but do not detect any sounds, movement, or difference in air flow or air quality, you need to call a licensed electrician in Toronto to replace your exhaust fan. Sometimes, the problem really just is as simple as you think, but people often leave these issues for longer than they should.


A.S. Electrical Services takes pride in the fact that we can deploy a licensed electrician in Toronto to any home in the GTA to help ease the worries of homeowners. Call us any time if you have an emergency, and we will be there.