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Fixing A Failed Disconnector and Mains Cable

August 19, 2019

Any electrician in Toronto will tell you that consistent and thorough maintenance for your electrical system is necessary in order to avoid mishaps such as a blown disconnect switch and failed mains cable - two major issues A.S. Electrical had to attend to in an emergency call this past weekend.


The disconnect switch and mains cable of a building’s electrical system had failed completely in the night, prompting the building to utilize our 24/7 emergency call hotline. When we arrived, we saw that there was significant damage to the electrical system, calling for some intensive repairs.


What was at stake?


A mains cable is an important feature of an electrical system, considering that it is the primary connection point between devices and a power source. With failure, the device that was being powered cannot function, and the short circuit from the power failure can result in damage to the device and to the power outlet.


The disconnect switch is also a vital part of any healthy electrical system. It is used to ensure that electrical circuits can be completely de-energized for safe and effective service or maintenance procedures. With the failure of such a device, there is a major safety risk posed to the electrical system and every person inhabiting the building.


What was the solution?


It is well known that any good electrician in Toronto will tell you that prevention is better than cure. With the damages sustained by the blown disconnect switch and failed mains cable, repair costs and extended repair time are some consequences the building now has to endure.


As such, it was advised that in order to avoid situations like this in the future, an active and scheduled preventative maintenance program needed to be undertaken. Procedures such as thermalscans or high resistance readings could have easily spotted these problems long before they materialized, potentially saving the building owners a lot of time and money.


A healthy electricity system can be maintained by a good electrician in Toronto. Give us a call to set up a program today!