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EV Charger Benefits For Commercial Properties

December 15, 2023

Canadian electric vehicle charging infrastructure is undergoing major development. According to the recent update in the federal rules that regulate electric vehicle infrastructure in Canada, one hundred percent of new cars and light trucks sold in the country must be zero-emission vehicles. This new requirement prompts questions as to whether public EV charging infrastructure will be able to accommodate such a growing demand. However, it isn’t just the public vehicle infrastructure to be considered for expansion. EV chargers are now seen sprouting in office parking lots and other spaces. And as this trend continues to expand, we at A.S. Electrical have put up some of the top reasons why installing an EV charger on commercial properties will help meet the government’s green initiatives. 


Advantages Of Installing EV Chargers On Commercial Properties


Increase Commercial Property Value


The population of EV drivers is growing rapidly, and so does the demand for EV charging stations. Thus, it is no surprise that many commercial property buyers will pay a premium for the property with an EV charging station already installed. So, take advantage of this fact and consider installing a few EV chargers on the parking lot adjacent to your commercial property. 


Encourages Employees to Switch to EV Driving


Office employees may ditch their gas-powered vehicles in favor of electric vehicles if your parking area is equipped with EV chargers. Moreover, employees can take turns charging their electric vehicles while working. 


Tax Credit From Local Governments


Local governments may offer commercial and corporate property owners bonuses or startup cost coverages for taking the initiative to install an EV charger on their properties. For Toronto residents, the City of Toronto runs multiple funding support programs for home and workplace charging. 


Enquire with your local government regarding any grants or tax credits you can have by having an EV in the office.


Tags Your Business As “Environmentally Conscious”


Bearing the title of environmentally conscious business is a major advantage for any company. By setting up an electrical charging station on your commercial property, you are increasing your business reputation as an environmentally conscious leader in your local industry as well as attracting more customers and visitors. 




Ready to equip your commercial property with electric vehicle chargers? Call A.S. Electrical Services today! We are one of the few electrical companies in Toronto who can install Levels 1, 2 and 3 chargers of all major EV charger brands such as Tesla, Flo, ABB. We also provide free estimates. Call today!