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Established Commercial Electrical Contractors in the GTA

March 05, 2018

A.S. Electrical offers a one stop shop for all the services that commercial enterprises depend on for smooth operation and efficiency. Our staff of commercial electrical contractors is experienced and qualified, able to rely on expertise and modern equipment. We provide peace of mind for commercial enterprises, ensuring power efficiency and safety, conducting maintenance and repair, providing logistical expertise and installing wiring.


As trusted commercial electrical contractors, we offer:


Electrical Service: installation of electrical systems from lighting to conduits for equipment and other purposes. As one of the best commercial electrical contractors in the GTA, we can provide electrical services from residential neighborhoods to the gleaming skyscrapers of the business district. No project is too big or too small, as we strive to provide professional services attuned to the needs of the customer.


Systems and Installations: design and implementation of electrical systems specifically customized to the requirements of the client’s needs. This is often done for manufacturing or industrial settings, where high powered electrical equipment can have very specific and complex electrical requirements. AS Electrical Services can not only design but also audit, maintain, repair and implement any modernization projects needed to improve efficiency.


Maintenance and Repairs: A staple of our work as commercial electrical contractors is ongoing maintenance and repairs. At AS Electrical, we pride ourselves on our staff’s experience and skill as well as our modern facilities.


Partnering with reliable and well-established commercial electrical contractors is essential for any business in the GTA. With a reliable partner, a company can avoid losses or damages with repairs, maintenance, parts, audits and inspections or even upgrades for facilities and machinery.


We offer expert workmanship at AS Electrical, with a commitment to thorough and dependable work. We understand the importance of safety, efficiency and expediency for any business. Call or visit us today to request a consultation!