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Electrical Vehicle Charging: The Modern Way to Drive

October 04, 2018

Electric cars are designed to be environmentally friendly. However, many green vehicle owners are beginning to face a new dilemma of a lack of charging stations. With the more popular green vehicles are becoming, the more common electrical vehicle charging stations will be.


You can get the most out of driving an electric car if you have either a charging plug or access to public charging stations, what you really need is an understanding of the required time and cost of charging. Electric cars are beneficial to the environment and your lifestyle if you have access to charging stations.


Electrical vehicle charging stations can help keep your car charged and on the road. At A.S. Electrical we are dedicated to a green lifestyle!


Here are a few options for charging your electric car:


  • Charging at Home: Many electric cars are charged at home, but it typically requires a level 2 installation. The cost of these systems can depends on the manufacturer and the cost of the installation. For an installation, an electrical contractor will visit your home and determine the cost based on the set up of your home. In addition, the electricity bill you pay for charging your call will be in accordance with the prices of energy in your area.
  • Charging at a Public Station: When you are driving your electric car on the road and it is in need of more energy, finding a charging station is not easy. A great way to avoid this problem is through downloading applications for your smart phone device to let you know where nearby charging stations are. It is also beneficial to open accounts with different charging stations, to keep your options open in terms of electrical vehicle charging. Additionally, depending on the location of the station, the cost may vary due to the duration of the charge as well as the parking facility.


How Long Does EV Charging Take?


In general, charging an electric car takes longer than filling up a gas tank with fuel. The type of car you drive and the level of your charging mechanism also determines the duration of your charging. For example, a level 1 charger will take hours to charge in comparison to a level 3 charger.


At A.S. Electrical, we are proud installers of electric vehicle charging stations across Toronto and the GTA. If you are in need of a specialized electric vehicle charger installation, we have you covered. Call or email us to learn more about our installation services.