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Electrical Service and Maintenance Safety

June 05, 2018

Any business is best served by performing regular electrical maintenance to ensure general safety and to meet mandatory requirements. With certified and reliable electrical services, your business can invest in staff safety, power efficiency and modern fixtures.


Whether it is a business or a residential building, there are a number of precautions and factors that need to be met when performing proper electrical service and maintenance. These are some of the ways we guarantee electrical safety and efficiency:


  1. Isolation. This is the practice of shutting down the electrical supply to specific areas. This is imperative in terms of electrical maintenance safety as running current may only exacerbate existing issues and endanger the technician who will examine the given area. Before returning power, it is important that all the major relays and conduits are rechecked to see if there would be a possible issue when power is restored.
  2. Permission.  Part of the electrical maintenance safety protocol is obtaining public licenses to operate electrical equipment. This means that the workplace and its electrical layout has been duly examined by public authority. Once compliant with existing public regulations on operations, then a license to operate or permit to operate would be issued.
  3. Regularity. Part of electrical maintenance safety would be the regularity of the conduct of the review and assessment of the electrical system. This means that the layout is compliant with the blueprint design and if any modifications are made, they are duly documented. The regularity also goes into the creation of a checklist to follow when conducting electrical maintenance procedures. The checklist would guide which needs to be examined and its condition properly recorded.
  4. Emergency. Should an emergency situation arise, then electrical maintenance records need to be accessible to see possible causes of the breakdown. Furthermore, electrical maintenance safety gear must be accessible at all times. These include flashlights, nonconductive boots and gloves as well as other necessary safety clothing and tools.

Electrical services and maintenance is a valuable investment for any business or residence, ensuring not only greater efficiency and lower bills but, more importantly, continues safety of family or staff members. Contact AS Electrical today to learn more or to request a consultation.