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Electrical Retrofitting: Importance and Benefits

August 30, 2018

It is imperative for people and businesses alike to make environmentally influenced decisions. When you are discussing power distribution systems, sometimes reducing, reusing, and recycling is not enough and there is a better way. Businesses must reflect on when it is a good time to undergo an electrical retrofitting.


Importance of Electrical Retrofitting


Outdated electrical wiring in residences and commercial buildings can become unsafe. If lights and power sockets are working, a dated electrical system may not be able to handle the pressure. These pressures could lead to overheating of wiring and could potentially result in an electrical fire.


Fortunately for businesses and homeowners, retrofitting electrical equipment can solve this potential issue. Electrical retrofitting is described as replacing and updating equipment with new technology to improve functionalities and prolong the lifespan of circuit breakers, motors, panel boards, and more.


Benefits of an Electrical Retrofit


  • Improve System Reliability: Retrofitting an old electrical system will prevent downtime. It will also provide the system with essential and reliable equipment you can count on.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost: Outdated systems and equipment are prone to product failure and high maintenance cost. Upgrading and modernizing your building's existing electrical system instead of replacing it will save time while reducing labor and maintenance cost.
  • Availability of Spare Parts: It becomes harder to secure spare parts for old or obsolete equipment. This lack of support and continuity of service will put residences and commercial businesses at risk. Retrofitting and upgrading systems will ensure you always have the appropriate parts for the job.
  • Security and Safety: There's a greater chance of equipment failure with older equipment. Minimize the risk of damage and injuries by upgrading and enhancing your electrical systems. Risks of electrical fires decrease when new equipment is used.
  • New and Improved Technology: Utilizing the latest technology means that your power distribution system will perform better and have more features. Maintenance requirements can also be drastically reduced when using improved technology.


Electrical retrofitting can extend the practicality of your power system and help you meet with the evolving standards of electrical use. A properly done retrofit can help protect the environment while saving you money. At A.S. Electrical, we have a team of skilled licensed contractors and electricians that specialize in projects like electrical retrofitting, providing you with the best possible services across the GTA.