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Electrical Issues That Need Immediate Attention

December 10, 2020

Regardless of how old your home electrical system is, many electrical issues show warning signs before they turn into serious problems. So, knowing these clues can help you make the necessary repairs to avoid hazardous situations that can cause property damage and fatal injury to your loved ones. While minor problems can be fixed quite easily, most electrical issues have to be repaired by licensed residential electricians in Toronto.


Electrical shocks

If you happen to feel a mild shock when touching your appliances, it can be due to a ground fault or improper electrical wiring. You should be extra cautious about frequent electrical shocks and consult with an experienced electrician immediately. 


Problems with circuit breaker 

In order to prevent wires from potentially causing a fire due to overheating, a circuit breaker comes into play. The circuit breaker can also trip when it senses electrical overloading. In this case, you can try to use a different circuit to plug your appliances in but if the circuit trips more often than normal, consulting residential electricians in Toronto would help.


Intermittent outlets and switches

The main cause of receptacles and light switches that do not work properly is loose wiring or it can also be due to internal cracks of the device. A loose plug in a receptacle can also cause further problems. A loose plug can shock someone when unplugging the cord. If this happens, you can call residential electricians in Toronto to replace any defective devices and fix any loose connections. 


Burning odours

If you observe any burning odours coming from one of your light switches or outlets, turn off the power immediately at the panel and call a licensed electrician to do the repairs. The cause of this problem can be due to several things, such as overloading or a faulty device. Any burning odour can indicate an electrical fire so act right away and don’t use the receptacle until it has been fixed. 


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