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Electric Vehicle Charging and Power Auditing with A.S. Electrical

February 10, 2021

Thanks to electric vehicles, society’s path to greener living is more possible than ever. Many car owners are making the transition, helped by services provided by companies such as A.S. Electrical. Our services make the transition easier and more accessible for everyone, providing installation services for electric vehicle charging stations as well as power audits for your electric cars.


Electric Vehicle Charging


Our electricians are able to perform installation of electric vehicle charging stations in a wide variety of settings including residential homes, high rises, and other facilities such as parking buildings. Our installation process is non-invasive, and you have the choice of having your charger either be a standalone unit or built into the walls of your garage or building. Make sure to consult with our experts to determine which construction is better suited for your needs.


Our installation services are also specialized for various manufacturing partners such as Tesla, FLO, Sun Country Highway, ABB, Bosch, and Leviton. You can rest assured that our chargers will be able to accommodate any vehicle, no matter the brand or model.


Electrical Vehicle Power Audit


As someone who utilizes an electrical vehicle, you are probably already highly aware of power usage and energy savings. A power audit is extremely useful for helping you determine the amount of energy your building is using. We can install a data logger meter which will be left to run for a week. After this time, the meter will be able to provide us with a detailed log of your building’s energy habits and power information. During the auditing process, your building’s power will need to be shut down for one to two hours, though it can be supplemented by backup battery or emergency generators for the comfort of your residents.


This method is both efficient and accurate, allowing you to properly assess the power consumption of your building. From this information, we can advise you on how to improve your energy efficiency.


It is important for us to make the move towards greener solutions for living. You can count on A.S. Electrical to be there every step of the way with you!