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Electric Panel Upgrades Across Toronto Are Soaring - Here’s Why

December 20, 2019

Modern electrical panels are built to be in line with handling the higher levels of electrical load we place on our systems.


This is of great importance in residences, be it commercial or industrial in nature, that use automated smart technologies in abundance.


The first and most important step towards having a robust electric system is to seek electric panel upgrades. Here we’ll outline the key reasons why this upgrade should be at the top of your agenda.


Circuit Overload Management

Overloading is a major inconvenience - to say the least - that old electrical service panels are prone to experiencing. While blown fuses can mitigate possible fires and the need for an immediate panel replacement, they are still capable of overheating and invariably leading to the very issues it sought to perturb. Electric panel upgrades replace these outdated panels and wires with stable, load stress-tested, and electrician-certified ones, capable of accommodating potential electrical overloading.


Power Supply Stability

A primary responsibility that falls under the remit of your electrical panel is balancing and stabilizing the electrical current across the building's system. Being witness to random light flickers or power trips during the day is indicative that your electrical panel is in dire need of inspection. With electric panel upgrades, you'll come to see your power supply consistently take care of surges and dips when a power-hungry appliance is in use.


Room for Expansion

Electrical panels of the older variety possess load-bearing capacities tailored to meet the demands from their date of installation, i.e. the electrical limits of yesteryear do not fall in line with contemporary limits. You’re likely to spot blown fuses when going above this limit, causing instability across the circuit, and even fires.


Newer electrical panels are manufactured to accommodate the future, streamlining the need to upgrade and expand residential, commercial, and industrial wiring to be in line with any leading developments. On top of this, the ceiling for electrical loads have been raised in recent models, preventing instability once the wiring extension installation has finished.


An Upgrade Is Only As Good as Its Electrician

State-of-the-art electrical panels function best when paired with top-tier electricians in your area to install them. If you have yet to find one, count on A.S. Electrical to deliver exceptional services that brings your property's electronics up-to-par. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to get a better idea about how we can help you!